The 2009 NFL season will see no fewer than 11 teams in total take the field with a new captain who lead (6 AFC and 5 NFC), however, in the numbers a deeper look reveals that a total of 7 NFL teams will start the new season with a completely new staff due to changes made not only to the head coach position but also to the offensive and defensive coordinator positions.

Interestingly enough, 4 of the 11 new captains who led the team this season were in “temporary” positions with the same team or were on the same team the previous season and were appointed heir to the job (Jim Caldwell of the Colts, Tom Cable of the Raiders, Mike Singletary of the Niners, and Jim Mora Jr. of the Seahawks). Of the 7 new NFL heads remaining, three were defensive coordinators last season (Rex Ryan of the Ravens and now with the Jets, Jim Schwartz of the Titans and now with the Lions, and Steve Spagnuolo of the Giants and now with the Rams).

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Two of the new HCs remaining for the year are former offensive coordinators (Todd Haley from the Cards and now with the Chiefs, and Josh McDaniels from the Patriots and now with the Broncos), oddly enough while 10 of the 11 teams ceded control of their franchise to those who had been head coach of the NFL in the past (Jim Mora Jr with Seattle and Eric Mangini with Cleveland) or been in an interim head coach position with the same team (Jim Caldwell of the Colts, Tom Cable of the Raiders, Mike Singletary of the Niners, and Jim Mora Jr. .from the Seahawks) or a successful offensive or defensive coordinator from another team…only one team out of eleven teams (Tampa Bay) who chose to go to war with the new leader barely had any experience.

The leaders of the Tampa Bay Buccaneer need to know something we don’t know that has to do with putting the future of their team in the hands of a man (Raheem Morris) who has never held the position of head coach at any competitive level and has never progressed past the position of defensive back coach. in the NFL. It will be a very exciting year for the Buccaneer faithful in terms of having a new head coach with barely any experience coaching the NFL who will turn 33 on September 3, 2009 while also having a defensive coordinator just 63 years old. (Jim Bates) with 37 years of coaching experience.

Yup, Tampa’s new defense coordinator has coached soccer for 4 years longer than the new Bucs HC has breathed air, Buc also has a new offensive coordinator (Jeff Jagodzinski) who has 24 years total coaching experience in the College and Professional ranks including six years of experience NFL coach and was a very successful head coach at Boston College but was fired due to an interview for the vacant New York Jets head coaching job. Yup, it will certainly be interesting to see if the young Raheem Morris listens to his more experienced assistants or not and also if the new assistants provide as much help as they can afford as each one would want the head coach job he deserves. Morris was kicked to the curb after this season.

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It was clear that the Tampa Bay board wanted to see new captain Raheem Morris succeed as demonstrated by the experienced coordinator they brought in to help him, however, the Bucs did not perform so well in last April’s draft and lost eight starters. from last year’s squad coupled with facing the NFL’s third toughest fixture this year in terms of facing a team that has a combined win percentage of 0.580 would be too much to handle and especially when considering that three of their first five games to open the season are on the way and they are about to close out regular with four of their last six away games, and by the way…

On the other hand, as mentioned above there is a total of seven NFL teams for the 2009 season which will have a completely new coaching staff in regards to having a new head coach as well as a new offensive and defensive coordinator in place. Above I outlined which team (Tampa Bay), which I think will have the worst season of any team with a new head coach or new coaching staff, with that I might as well provide a synopsis of which team enters this season with a really good coaching staff. really new which I think will do well and even surprise some people this season…drum roll please…are the Detroit Lions.

Will the Detroit Lions win the Super Bowl or qualify for the playoffs this season? Maybe not when considering that the professional oddsmakers have pitched the Lions as 12-to-1 dogs to win the NFC Northern division title and the O/U’s expected win total in Detroit is just 5 games as of this writing, in the big picture who can really blame the oddsmakers. or the public for lack of confidence in this Kitty cat?

After all, Detroit did post a 0-16 winless mark last year and over the past three seasons have racked up the 10-38 mark, as a fact the Lions were the last dead in the NFL for the last two years in a row in total defense and the 517 points total they allowed. last year (which averaged 32.31 points per gram) was the second most allowed in NFL history. Detroit aren’t much better attacking either, mainly due to their poor play along the offensive line which has seen an eye-opening 158 sacks total over the last three seasons so it’s no wonder why they find it so difficult to hold on to their QB. and RB is off the injury list.

However, the top Lion FINALLY replaced GM Matt Millin and also brought a new sheriff to town and his name is Jim Schwartz, his newly appointed deputy for offense is Scott Linehan and his newly appointed deputy for defense is Gunther Cunningham. The Lions also cleared the house with respect to their roster when they gave their 20 player paper runs and replaced them with 14 free agents and 10 draft picks.

Those who don’t know who might want to know that new HC Jim Schwartz has been Titans defense coordinator for the last eight seasons and has been groomed for this position by one of the NFL’s best in Jeff Fisher of Tennessee, meanwhile, new offensive coordinator Scott Linehan is the head coach of the Rams from 2006 to 2008 and was one of the gurus, keep in mind that this is the same person who while serving as Vikings offensive coordinator from 2002 to 2004 turned the QB Duate Culpepper into a passing machine as Culpepper averaging 27 to 15 TD ratio against INT with 4016 yards through and an average QB rating of 94.2 during Linehan with the Vikes.

Needless to say, it will take some time for Detroit’s new coaching staff to get to know each other as well as figure out what’s the equivalent of an almost entirely new Lion team, however, my recommendation is to keep an eye on this team and especially after the first four weeks of the regular season when things start to come together, in the end they may not win many games outright but my money will be with them to cover the numbers in some of the selected spots.

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