Even though Law 11 isn’t difficult to understand, the offside rule is the most contentious soccer concept (no matter where the game is played). Offside is defined as follows:

When a teammate passes the ball, they are caught offside if they are closer to the opponent’s goal than both the ball and the second-last opponent (including the goalkeeper). In other words, a player cannot receive the ball from a teammate until at least two other players are level with him or between him and the goal or unless their teammate passes the ball back to them.

Being offside is not a crime in and of itself. If a player is engaged in active play, they are only fined for being offside. As a result, a player can only be called offside if:

I am stretching exercise to warm up before soccer.

Every soccer player should do a stretching regimen before a game or practice. A qualified fitness coach can create a customized program for you. Try the stretches below if a tailored regimen isn’t possible or practical.

Place your quadriceps against a wall. Bend one leg behind you, using one hand to stabilize yourself against the wall and the other to grip onto your foot to maintain your leg in position. Gently pull your foot upwards to get the stretch.

Sit on the ground and stretch your hamstrings and lower calf. Extend your arm towards your foot with one foot extended out before you. Run your arm as far down your leg as you can while sitting bolt upright and maintaining your back straight.

Sit on the ground with your groin. Place the soles of both feet together and bend your knees out to the side of your body. Then, with your back straight, press both knees as near the ground as possible. While doing so, push your chest out.

Lie down on your back to stretch your lower back. While keeping your shoulders and head on the ground, pull one or both of your knees towards your chest.

Place your calf muscle and Achilles tendon against a wall. Place one leg forward with the knee bent. Keep your back foot flat on the ground as you push against the wall. The back leg stretches the calf muscle while the forward leg stretches the Achilles tendon. Rep the stretch with the other leg.

Kneel to work the hip flexor. Bend your back leg until the knee is close to the ground, extend your front leg and reach for your toes.