Winning NFL Picks – The Essential Sports Betting Guide

With the 2010 NFL Regular Season in full swing, sports investors need to carefully select their NFL sources. Suffice it to say, if you want to find the winning NFL picks, then it is best that you use the handicapping service with the highest win rate. However, this is easier said than done. There are several variables you should consider when looking for the best sources for winning NFL picks.

So, what are the important sports handicap variables that sports investors should take into account? Even a beginner can increase their odds and earn from sports betting activities if they handicap NFL games in the right way. Here are 4 important sports handicap variables you need to consider when deciding on your best betting options:

1. NFL Coaching Staff

Consider the mindset of the NFL team’s coaching staff during the current 2010 NFL Regular Season. Take a look at the pre-season and post-season records from the NFL team’s coaching staff. It is also important that you check the current status of the Head Coach and coaching staff with their respective organizations. This means you have to determine whether the Head Coach and coaching staff have locked contracts or not.

2. Main Player Playtime

Review the playing time of NFL team starters and key players. Check out the key players fighting for starting spot for each NFL team. If you are using the NFL pick for the first time or are betting on a team that has gone through a first-team reshuffle during the draft and pre-season, then it is best that you determine if there is competition for the quarterback slot and whether rookies and new players are being considered for starter roles.

3. Player Injury

Review the roster of each NFL team and see if any players are returning from extended breaks due to injury. You have to understand that these players may have been out of competitive action since February and may come back with a different mindset to play.

4. NFL Team List

If a particular NFL team loses due to an injury to a key player, then it is important that those developments be taken into account when deciding on your NFL source of choice. There are NFL teams that may play it safe during the early stages of the regular season and may use their key players sparingly. Carefully study the NFL team’s pre-season performance. Most of the teams that usually qualify for the Playoffs usually only win 2 or 3 of their exhibition matches. This is one of the important variables you need to consider when deciding on the best source of NFL options.